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Sciant Named a Top Bulgarian B2B Company for 2020
Aug 20, 2020

We are really pleased to be acknowledged as one of the top Leaders in Bulgaria in 2020 . A big THANK YOU to our wonderful customers and employees!

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Welcome to our team Darko!
Aug 04, 2020

We are excited to announce the addition of Darko Bosancic to our Sciant team! He has extensive experience in the travel and hospitality industry and will participate with us in unlocking the potential of our customers across the sector.

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Sciant supports innovative project GreenTrip
Jul 15, 2020

GreenTrip won the TravelScrum hackathon prize sponsored by Sciant which involved mentoring and a cash prize. We are very happy to have had the chance to support this innovative project.

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We support Global Travel Hackathon|11-14 June 2020
Jun 08, 2020

Sciant is very excited to support the global ideation hackathon TravelScrum, which will bring many innovators, industry leaders, technology & business leaders together to build solutions tackling 1 or more of the challenges.

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#HotelTechClinic: COVID-19 Hotel Recovery Masterclass|Sponsored by Sciant
Jun 01, 2020

Don't miss a great opportunity to get practical advice on how hotels can bounce back from Covid-19 with cost-effective must-have technologies!

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Sciant partners with Michael McCartan
May 28, 2020

We are pleased to announce our partnership with travel and hospitality tech leader Michael McCartan as we intensify our efforts to Unlock Potential across the sector.

Real time data podcast,|Stephen Burke
Apr 21, 2020

For hotels to stay ahead of industry changes and challenges, introducing digitization and connecting all touchpoints across a customers journey can bring improved customer satisfaction and revenue, but also require more resources. Data integration with Real-time Data is a way to increase profit margins, deepen customer loyalty and enhance operations.

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Sciant's SVP & Practice Principal Stephen Burke on Funnel TV
Dec 09, 2019

Watch the record from Friday's Digital on Funnel TV, if you didn't have a chance to watch a live stream. Stephen Burke about topics such as Oracle Cloud, Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and others..

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Is Simplicity Best? Challenges And Opportunities Of Mainstream Open API Adoption
Dec 05, 2019

Great insights about the open API adoption in hospitality technology system integrations by Simone Puorto.

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Why Logistics Companies Must Adopt Big Data and Cloud Technology
Nov 26, 2019

Nowadays, over 50% of companies are using big-data analytics. Although logistics companies are not among the first to adopt it, they are likely to be the ones that stand to benefit most from it. Especially during the last-mile delivery the proper gathering and cleansing of data would enable better forecasting of events and less uncertainty.

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Angel Mitev - Digitalization of the Air Cargo industry |
Nov 14, 2019

Frontline Dynamics is a start-up optimizing air cargo operations as part of Sciant logistic division. Angel Mitev our SVP and Practice Principal, is acting at CTO for Frontline Dynamics. Last month he was hosted by Bulgarian Bloomberg TV to talk about digitalization of the Air Cargo industry.

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Sciant with Frontline Dynamics attending Start.Up! Germany Tour
Oct 31, 2019

Angel Mitev, our SVP & Practice Principal is attending Start.Up! Germany Tour these next few days. Together with Kevin Vaz they are representing Frontline Dynamics, meeting with companies in North-Rhine Westphalia and also pitching at the RuhrSummit 2019.

Five key technologies for immediate digital transformation in logistics
Aug 21, 2019

Angel's opinion piece on the key technologies needed to address transformation in the logistics and transport section within the next five years was published in full by IT Pro Portal. Here Angel talks about the market situation and the changes that are coming fast to a sector still living of legacy systems but being quickly disrupted by new tech.

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E-tracking for Air Freight
Jul 30, 2019

Bulgarian business publication covers the impending launch of Sciant's partner Frontline Dynamic - the startup with a product to optimise air cargo operations as part of our logistics division. We've co-invested with BrightCap Ventures VC fund.

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50 Shades Of Chatbots: What Remains After The Sexiness Has Gone
Jun 22, 2019

"Now that chatbots are no longer sexy, are they finally becoming useful?" Great insight about chatbots in the Hospitality industry!

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