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Unlocking Innovation Potential: A Steady Supply of Rocket Fuel
Jun 25, 2020

Michael McCartan talks of the importance of interfaces in the digitalisation of the hotel sector. One of the bottom three industry sectors for digitalisation adoption - there's a long way to go.

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Machine learning: the future of travel and hospitality
Mar 10, 2020

Discover how we used machinelearning to add value and improve the efficiency of HERA by Hotel ResBot and what are the challenges of AIimplementation and the benefits of outsourcing.

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The Third Way of Industry Interfaces - Sciant's Managed Interface Service
Feb 25, 2020

Address your integrations in a way that allows you to focus on your growth and system development, leaving it to a partner whose specialism is connectivity. We build the interface, you own the IP, with full hosting and support to maintain a consistent and workable connection. Discover how we deliver integrations to the travel and hospitality industry with our Managed Interface Service

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5 Tips On Communicating Better With Clients On Projects
Jan 24, 2020

Good communication is vital for the success of any project. Darja Gogunova, our Senior Hospitality Consultant has put together some tips to keep communication channels open and healthy.

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What does it take for real integration?
Jan 14, 2020

Did you know that approximately 85% of companies are operating with some form of the legacy system? What are the reasons and what is a middle path between the two extremes of ditching everything or holding on to the old?

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Beyond Excel: how data is leaving spreadsheets behind
Jan 07, 2020

Four out of five CFOs cite problems with their spreadsheets, so why is change not coming soon enough? Spreadsheets weren’t designed to handle the huge data sets required by modern business, meaning most executives are unable to see the big picture and their role in achieving it. The problems with excel…

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Reinvigorating hotel distribution — seeing the warning signs
Jan 01, 2020

Don’t ignore the warning signs - distribution mix is key to sustaining business. The way every industry distributes product is changing. The market is on dynamic pivots, changing all the time. Reinvigorate hotel distribution and keep track of tech….what to watch for in 2020.

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2020: the travel tech trends for the year ahead from the year we’re leaving
Dec 19, 2019

APIs are the first target for 2020 and how to make them more accessible - how can we make it any easier? And three other trends that we at Sciant believe will allow business to flourish in the coming year.

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Sciant Engineering | Microservices for Dummies
Nov 28, 2019

Have you ever wondered what microservices are? The central idea of microservices is to split the large system into loosely coupled services that can be deployed independently. The second article from the series explains what the purpose of microservices is, when we use them and when they are not the best idea.

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Achieving personalisation: how connectivity and big data optimisation is essential
Nov 21, 2019

While GDPR brought restrictions on data usage, it hasn’t stopped the expectation from consumers for better personalisation. So how do you prepare your system, its interfaces and data to deliver unique experiences?

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Forget AI — it’s a new generation of hotel general managers that’s transforming the hotel industry
Nov 13, 2019

Beware - Hotel GMs are more tech-savvy and fully pumped to use the power of data and technology. They have their minds set on what they need to get their hotel efficient and tech systems optimized. We look at the tech trends helping them achieve…

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Five key technologies for immediate digital transformation in logistics
Nov 11, 2019

With new players disrupting logistics, established firms need to embrace new technologies. We look at the 5 technologies entering the logistics sector at scale in the next 5 years.

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Sciant Sisters - Antonina Teofilova, Director of services
Nov 04, 2019

Did you know that Bulgaria has the largest proportion of women in Tech across EU, 31% versus 16%? Sciant smashes the average, with 38% of employees! Please, meet our Director of services Antonia Teofilova who chatted with us about why she thinks more women should work in technology and why women are put off from a career in technology.

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Investment in logistics tech — Four startups shaking up the logistics and transport industry, October 2019
Oct 30, 2019

Investment in logistics technology still requires more, especially as the industry represents 11% of EU GDP, generating 7 million jobs. So we take a look at four startups about to give digital transformation a bit of a shake up

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Investment in travel tech — Five startups shaking up the travel industry, October 2019
Oct 22, 2019

In the last five years travel startups have received over £1 billion in new investment. The online travel market alone is expected to grow to $817 billion by 2020 - that’s next year. So we look at some of the hottest trav tech right now.

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Unleashing the potential of NLP: a case study
Oct 10, 2019

Unleash the power of NLP - how one business is bringing efficiencies for reservation staff using machine learning by automating processes of email booking requests. Discover how it’s being done

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Revolutionising logistics with NFC
Oct 08, 2019

With more than 2 billion NFC devices already in existence, and an estimated 38.5 billion IoT-connected devices by 2020, NFC will be an integral part of the connected landscape for logistics. So how will this work in practice? Read about the role of NFC in supply chain.

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Data and systems integration — benefits and solutions of real connectivity
Sep 24, 2019

The cost of not integrating your data is clear – bad data costs organisations an average $15 million per year, and 65% of businesses fearing becoming redundant if they don’t keep up. So what are you doing about it? See the benefit of integration and the opportunities applied to the hospitality market

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Successful AI implementation: preparing your business
Sep 09, 2019

AI spend is expected to reach in excess of $47B next year...if your business has not made a case for implementing AI in some form by now you risk being left behind. Check out how to prepare your business for change using artificial intelligence.

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Rare breeds — the data scientist conundrum, what can we do about it?
Aug 27, 2019

Why is it so hard to find data scientists? And why are they so important anyway?

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How big data could transform your organization and the business of your customers
Aug 13, 2019

When the world lacks data scientists - Don’t just sit on golden nuggets of data, help your customers see them and respond to them. Data empowers businesses to make decisions in a better, more evidence-based way, mitigating against the risk of failure. Find out how to do it.

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Preparing for Gen Z — bridging the tech gap for generation shifts and expectations
Aug 05, 2019

The digital natives are coming and they may not be quite impressed with our working methods - but regardless we need to know how they are consuming as they are the next buying power. Systems and processes need to meet their expectations, we look at the key aspects to consider for preparing for Gen Z

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Getting ahead: Talent in Travel technology — cultural transformation or outsourcing?
Aug 01, 2019

Digital transformation needs businesses to think savvy about the skills they need, and for system providers to recognise the skills gap. There's only so much learning and development and employee schemes that will attract and retain the essential skills you need in your business - so how do you find the talent?

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Leveraging big data with AI to rejuvenate legacy systems
Jul 22, 2019

How confident are you in your legacy system to last the journey? Is it that a trusty old-friend that will keep going with the right love and tender-care? We look at how you can rejuvenate an old infrastructure.

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Power of facial recognition — The new face of the travel industry?
Jul 16, 2019

Facial recognition is slowly seeping into the hospitality industry, providing a range of solutions to add to the guest experience...yet how far does or can it go?

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AI and Machine learning — the way forward for hotels
Jul 08, 2019

We see huge scope in implementing AI in just parts of the business without having to do a blanket wide approach, trialling pilot projects to build confidence. AI and machine learning will free hoteliers of repetitive time-consuming processes to focus on more strategic and creative tasks that will deliver innovation to the hotel sector. We've looked at some of the ways AI can begin to raise the performance of the hospitality ecosystem.

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Bulgaria-why it's a serious player in tech market
Jul 01, 2019

We're proud to be part of Bulgaria's burgeoning tech market, beyond increasing start-up investment - did you know that Bulgaria was the Eastern Bloc’s post-war IT and electronics specialist? With more women in IT than other EU countries - discover Bulgaria tech.

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Solving IoT in hospitality, connections and data
Jun 24, 2019

IoT devices bring the next wave of connectivity and data integrations that the hospitality sector needs to manage. With the right visibility, hotels can give seamless personalised experiences.

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Digital Cargo: a welcome push forward for a lagging airfreight industry
Jun 03, 2019

Digitalising the shipping process is only going to improve cargo handling and help meet compliance, security, data requirements and payment processes. The eAWB standard.

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